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Grenada is recognised as the supplier of high quality nutmegs, renowned for their exceptional good flavour with a guaranteed market. It is the sole producers of quality No. 1 mace and it is well recognised by the industry that the characteristics qualities of Grenada's nutmegs are not found in the nutmegs grown in any other geographical location. The intrinsic characteristics of Grenada's nutmeg are superior to nutmegs from other origins because of the following features


Grenadian Cocoa is harvested by sniping the colourful oval shaped pods off the trees using mitten-shaped knives (called cocoa knives). The pods are heaped into piles, then cracked with a cutlass or machete and the white beans (seeds) are removed and placed into buckets or bags for transportation to the fermentation point. There the beans are placed into a sifter where excess water is drained out and debris (leaves, stones, broken pods etc.,) are removed.